Tired of not knowing what to post online?

You've been looking at other people's articles online and for the hundredth time you think: "We should be doing that". But as soon as you open Word your mind goes blank. What to write about? Will others find it interesting? Then you realize you don't even have time to write; it's almost time for your next meeting. 

Social Sales Agency offers complete marketing solutions that help you out. Whether it's weekly content, automated e-mails and website optimisation or a kickass infographic. We've got you covered

Check out our marketing solutions:




We write articles for you

We write the articles, you get the credit. Take a look at our content packages.

marketing automation

We save you time with automation

Bring your marketing efforts to the next level with our marketing automation.




We make stuff look good

Looks DO matter. Make a killer impression with our graphic design.

Content writing 



#1 Starterpack

An economical way to set your first footsteps online

# 4x Short company updates for instant weekly visibility


# 1 longpost to instantly boost authority in your field.

275,- a month



#2 Professional


The perfect blend: weekly posts with snack size updates and interesting articles.

# 2 short company updates

# 1 medium sized blog

# 1 longpost

600,- a month


#3 Ultimate

Full coverage with 3 posts per week. Looking good!

# Short company updates

# Content curation

# Blogs 

# 1 Longpost

1200,- a month


Marketing automation


✔ Automated e-mail flow
Put the heavy lifting of your marketing machine on autopilot and see the leads come in and turn into customers.

✔ Funnel optimization
Analyzing and improving your entire funnel for the highest lead-to-customer conversion.

✔ Lead capturing & nurturing
Capture more leads from your existing channels and nurture the 90% of leads that are not ready to become a customer right now.

✔ Conversion optimization
Improve your conversions for specific landing pages, advertisements, email sequences, etc.

✔ Online advertising & Direct Mail
Attract more visitors and convert them into leads by spreading the word with paid channels and a great ROI.

✔ Inbound strategy
The right educational content at the right time is paramount in any well-performing marketing machine.

Graphic Design

Boring messages don't grab the attention of today's prospects. When you work hard for something, you want results. Don't let your efforts go down the drain, go for an eye-catching finish. We help you make the best possible impression, whether it's for a social media banner, a great looking report or a good old flyer. We make it pop! 


Cool infographics,

...social media banners, post templates, powerpoint presentations, e-mail design, logo & brand communication, flyers, booklets, and cards. Whatever the case, we make you look good!