So what are the findings in the B2B Lead generation Benchmark report 2018?

Are you curious how other companies are handling commercial challenges? B2B lead generation specialist ProSpex investigated over a 100 Dutch (commercial) directors, sales managers, and marketing managers in their annual, 8th edition, B2B Lead Generation Benchmark 2018 report. One of the findings was that new commercial activities such as social selling and content marketing are below par and definitely need some work.

The benchmark shows that companies are still far from using all the possibilities when it comes to social selling. Sales and marketing have the necessary knowledge in the social arena, but they are not yet effective enough. They only share limited relevant knowledge and do not sufficiently manage the sustainable creation of fans. What grade would you give your company when it comes to the optimal use of social media? The participants rated their company with a meager 6 for offering relevant content. 


Content marketing that converts

What is striking, is that the development of content marketing and marketing automation seems to have come to a standstill. Maxim Spek: “We do not see any increase in the use of content marketing and marketing automation this year, this is almost the same as the year before. The most important goal for which content marketing is used is still reaching the target group. 57 percent of the respondents are, however, dissatisfied with the result. The participants give themselves an insufficient when it comes to mapping the entire customer journey. And more than 40 percent have trouble creating distinctive content that converts.” It seems that companies have started using content marketing, but are not taking it to the next level yet, where they pass the experimental phase into the mature approach that is necessary for sales success. 

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Biggest challenges in sales

Another interesting find is that commercial directors appear to be very hard on themselves. Although 59 percent of respondents recorded growth of more than 5 percent in 2017, two out of three sales leaders are not yet satisfied with the success of lead generation in general. The biggest challenges they report for the commercial sector in the Netherlands are coming into contact with the target group (with 30 percent, last year the biggest challenge), obtaining a predictable number of leads (31%) and building a relationship with future customers ( 24%). 

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