The POWER and ART of recommendations

A lot of people and companies I know ask me the question:
How to close business online? And with this I mean real $$$. So no, not only mid market, but also global enterprise companies (the fortune 500 stack). Well there is not one simple answer. However, I want to highlight the POWER and the ART of Recommendations, because Recommendations build trust and trust leads to new business.

#POWER - Every company wants to shorten their sales cycles and increase their average deal sizes. Referrals build credibility, which leads into trust and help you to shorten your sales cycle. By this, you are able to speed up the prospecting process, eventually leading to more money flowing into your organization. Not even speaking about the correlation of referral leads and higher average deal sizes. This is not rocket science, we all know that referral leads are the best leads! Right sales tigers? ;)

I always believe that showing personals examples about the #POWER of Recommendations will explain things better. In regards to that, I want to show you my tactics how recommendations can help you to close more business (off course not giving away all my tips and tricks for free).

#1 Get a customer who loves you, is willing to write something positive about the your collaboration and the value you added to their organizational needs.

@David Hill - Customer Experience and Relationship Manager Colt Data Centre Services



What is the benefit of #1 ? - The recommendations you received will help you to build creditability with similar organization and/or those who are operating in the same industry. When you get in touch with new prospects, refer to your LinkedIn recommendations and show them how you helped others resolving their business needs. (Do this already in the qualification phase so you can move earlier into the value proposition) How does this differ from company recommendations? Well, people buy from people! Still love this article from Amy Rees Anderson.

#2 Build TRUST from influencers in your industry and the C-suite in your company. Be bold, ask them to write a recommendation about your unique selling points and achievements.

@Jørgen Bo Christensen - VP Product Management & Marketing CustomerGauge



What is the benefit of #2 ? -
"Out maneuver the competition by being creative and thinking outside of the box with social media". Become a strategic user of LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook in your organization, team up with peers, expand your social footprint and embrace #$ocial$ales.

If you are curious to see how other recommendations could look like feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile (another tip, do not add all your received recommendations to your LinkedIn profile, be critical.

WHATS IN IT FOR THE SELLER? more commission: $$$$$$$


#3 To sum up: create more trustability as a seller - shorten your sales cycles - increase averages deal sizes and most important happy selling :D #ART of #$ocial$ales.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to convert #$ocial$ales into real REVENUE