VPs and Directors of Sales - Do You Get "Real" Feedback About Your Reps' Meetings?

Since I started working with post-demo and win loss surveys, I increased my win ratio by 8%! Imagine what that could mean if your average deal size is 50-100k ARR?

In the interest of transparency, I have presented my own client meeting results below (how do you make a sales person feel naked...?) How does showing this help me? It allows me to provide proof of my own performance and abilities, and helps me to improve and sharpen my skills even more through customer feedback! The result: more constructive customer meetings, higher conversion rates, higher revenues (and for me, higher commissions!).

Imagine you could track the "real performance" of your account executive meetings in the same way? Fun fact: You can!

Following my demos and Face-to-Face meetings, I send a survey to the client to assess my performance using the industry-standard Net Promoter System®. The client feedback is delivered in real-time to my inbox / CRM, allowing me to immediately utilize VoC (Voice of Customer) to get back to the client and address their concerns, and also track points to improve for the next meeting. As shown in the figure above, we have a number of widgets that offer insight into your account executives meeting performance month-to-month and yearly:

  • No. of surveys sent by month
  • Summary of score
  • Client feedback and responses by month
  • Score frequency
  • Drivers to improve

Using this data from the "after meeting survey", you can dig deep into the drivers of loyalty and gain a better understanding of the needed improvements. As I am also traveling frequently, I can easily access this information on my smart phone, and even reply to feedback almost immediately. This creates another touchpoint in the sales process and the prospects / clients are pleasantly surprised by my quick response (I have increased conversion rates dramatically with quick and top-notch follow up).

As a VP or Director of Sales, or Finance Director, HR manager, etc., you will be able to:

  • Gauge the performance of your team / teams
  • Find best practices for improvement
  • Make factual business decisions with your reps based on actual client feedback and proven data from real client interactions

With this information, both management and account executives can use Win/Loss features to learn why they win, lose or disengage with an opportunity and use this knowledge to optimize their sales process. Organizations using Win/Loss Reviews surpass other firms in sales quota attainment, customer retention and lead conversions. 

If you're interest in learning how these features can enhance your career or improve the performance of your team, I'd love to speak to you. 

You can reach out to me at: niels@socialsalesagency.com / +31615480093